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You can learn the scenarios of TTS, try it out, and preview all of the voices.


Improve the quality of your courses with multimedia content. Reduce the preparation time for teaching materials and MOOCs.

Telephony and Call Center

Your contact centers can engage customers with natural sounding voices You can create audio spots to be used in your communication campaigns

Content Creation

Text to Speech makes your content more accessible and more engaging. Are you a journalist or a blogger you can add a Podcast to your article.

Support for the disabled

Help for people who have difficulty speaking and hearing. They can express themselves without giving up being heard.

Voiceover and video creation

You can create voiceovers for your videos to make them unique Tell about your products and services, so that viewers are well informed


You can convert text into a foreign language and operate in other countries. Promote your business in new markets by expanding your catchment area.

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All Voice Samples

We support more than 80 languages and 660 voices, listen to the samples here.

Supported Languages

ArabicArabicArabic (Egypt)Arabic (Saudi Arabia)Bengali (India)Bulgarian (Bulgaria)Catalan (Spain)Chinese (China Mainland)Chinese (Hong Kong)Chinese (Taiwan)Croatian (Croatia)Czech (Czech Republic)Danish (Denmark)Dutch (Netherlands)English (Australia)English (Canada)English (Hong Kong)English (India)English (Ireland)English (New Zealand)English (Singapore)English (South Africa)English (UK)English (US)Filipino (Philippines)Finnish (Finland)French (Canada)French (France)French (Switzerland)German (Austria)German (Germany)German (Switzerland)Greek (Greece)Gujarati (India)Hebrew (Israel)Hindi (India)Hungarian (Hungary)IcelandicIndonesian (Indonesia)Italian (Italy)Japanese (Japan)Kannada (India)Korean (South Korea)Malay (Malaysia)Malayalam (India)Marathi (India)Norwegian (Norway)Polish (Poland)Portuguese (Brazil)Portuguese (Portugal)RomanianRussian (Russia)Dutch (Belgium)Georgian (Georgia)Mongolian (Mongolia)Nepal (Nepali)Albanian (Albania)Tamil (Malaysia)Afrikaans (South Africa)AmharicArabic (Gulf)BahrainAlgeriaArabic (Iraq)Arabic (Jordan)Arabic (Kuwait)Arabic (Libya)Arabic (Morocco)Arabic (Qatar)Arabic (Syria)Arabic (Tunisia)Arabic (Yemen)BengaliEnglish (Kenya)English (Nigeria)English (Tanzania)Spanish (Bolivia)Spanish (Costa Rica)Spanish (Cuba)Spanish (Dominican Republic)Spanish (Ecuador)Spanish (Equatorial Guinea)Spanish (Guatemala)Spanish (Honduras)Spanish (Nicaragua)Spanish (Panama)Spanish (Peru)Spanish (Puerto Rico)Spanish (Paraguay)Spanish (El Salvador)Spanish (Uruguay)Spanish (Venezuela)Persian (Iran)Galician (Spain)Javanese (Indonesia)Khmer (Cambodia)Burmese (Myanmar)Somali (Somalia)Sundanese (Indonesia)Swahili (Tanzania)Tamil (Sri Lanka)Tamil (Singapore)Urdu (India)Uzbek (Uzbekistan)Zulu (South Africa)Spanish (Argentina)English (Philippines)Estonian (Estonia)French (Belgium)Irish GaelicLithuanian (Lithuania)Latvian (Latvia)Maltese (Malta)Urdu (Pakistan)Punjabi (India)Kazakh (Kazakhstan)Lao (Laos)Macedonian (North Macedonia)Pashto (Afghanistan)Sinhala (Sri Lanka)Serbian (Serbia)Arabic (Lebanon)Arabic (Oman)Azeri (Azerbaijan)Bosnian (Bosnia and Herzegovina)Slovak (Slovakia)Slovenian (Slovenia)Spanish (Chile)Spanish (Colombia)Spanish (Mexico)Spanish (Spain)Spanish (US)Swahili (Kenya)Swedish (Sweden)Tamil (India)Telugu (India)Thai (Thailand)Turkish (Turkey)Ukrainian (Ukraine)Vietnamese (Vietnam)Welsh


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