Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

TTSAI® is a cloud based service that converts Text To Voice by artificial Intelligence (Text To Speech Ai). The project is supported by the Entd - National Body For Digital Transformation, NGO Non-Profit Organization to fight the digital divide, facilitating cohesion and integration, reducing diversity and promoting inclusion through sustainable technology, digital literacy and continuity of projects.

TTSAI® Pro was born as a scientific research project in the field of training neural models of speech synthesis. For this reason many languages and voices are unique and are trained by our team of researchers, data scientists and project managers.

TTSAI® Pro in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode, as on ttsai.pro, represents only the possibility of offering a professional service and covering the costs of research and infrastructure. The revenue from the use of TTSAI® Pro does not in any way constitute profit for the National Agency for Digital Transformation - ENTD. Our mission is to ensure accessible and ethical artificial intelligence for everyone and to everyone.

About the Text to Speech Service

Sure, we are not on the hunt for leads or personal data. In the top menu there is the Try Me button. By accessing the Try Me section you can choose between the various languages and listen to the various types of voice for that language. In the same section you can choose language and voice, enter the desired text and listen to the result. If you are working from a mobile device, the Try Me button is located after opening the toggle menu in the upper right corner (Android and IOS).

Yes, They are. TTSAI® has his SDK for every integrations, but it doesn't have a flat quote except that you don't work on a specific project in which it's possible to make an estimate of cloud infrastructure costs. It's possible to make the request through the contact form if you are not registered or from the personal area support section if you already have an active plan.


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