You can choose from over 80 languages and 1000 voices
to convert your texts into speech and get your audio file


Why use our TTSAI Pro services

Over 80 Languages, 1000 voices available

What can you do with TTS?


Improve the quality of your courses with multimedia content. Reduce the preparation time for teaching materials and MOOCs.

Telephony and Call Center

Your contact centers can engage customers with natural sounding voices You can create audio spots to be used in your communication campaigns

Content Creation

Text to Speech makes your content more accessible and more engaging. Are you a journalist or a blogger you can add a Podcast to your article.

Support for the disabled

Help for people who have difficulty speaking and hearing. They can express themselves without giving up being heard.

Voiceover and video creation

You can create voiceovers for your videos to make them unique Tell about your products and services, so that viewers are well informed


You can convert text into a foreign language and operate in other countries. Promote your business in new markets by expanding your catchment area.

Users and Partners Testimonial

Our digital social services are made with the heart

Media Intelligence - Data Journalism

"Thanks to TTSAI pro we can offer a more immersive experience to our readers by creating blogcasts"

- Media Intelligence On-line Magazine

"Excellent Text to speech service to simplify the reading of news by the visually impaired"

- Comunicati StampaPress Releases Portal
Unipid University

"With TTSAI Text-to-Speech engine we have improved the performance of the online course creation process by 90%"

- UNIPID University
Pasquale Aiello

"TTSAI is a project that we have made with the heart. All the income will be used to finance research in order to improve the quality of life of the disabled and those who are digitally excluded ❤ "

- Pasquale Aiello ENTD President

TTSAI Pro use Brevo for the Marketing Automation


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